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The device is made to support weights no more than 5 kg. camera weight, as well as all the other devices which have to be carried by the Slideman arm. For better supporting the various weights the arm features the option of adjusting up and down the tightness of the springs, allowing them distribute the acting forces equally and thus calming the device, making it easier to operate. Both the battery and the monitor have the option to change their positions in vertical direction, by giving the operator the means to achieve a perfect balance on heavier cameras without adding further weights to the construction. Another usefull function of the adjustable position of battery pack and monitor is the possibility of dynamic balancing the device. The head of the post has a device for precise balance, which allows for finding the exact centre of the post’s weight, making the perfect balance possible. The Slideman gimbal is made with high preciseness and guarantees a normal exploitation and stability during work.
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