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Short film competition "Slideman 2010"

August 12, 2010

It is with great regret that we have to announce, that this year the contest will not be held. The main reason for this is the low interest in him. This year the number of registered participation is even lower than last year when 35 teams were registered, of which only 10 participated in the contest. This year, even after the extended deadline for registration we have 32 registered participants , of which 3 from Kazakhstan, 1 from Spain and one from Israel. Our experience shows that such competitions involving only a quarter of registered participants, which means in our competition to participate only 10 teams and this will not lead us to an interesting race, what we wish to obtain.

We apologize to everyone who wanted to show their talent and compete for the prize.


August 1, 2010

tBecause of little interest until now, the registration for the contest "Slideman 2010" will be extended until August 10, 2010. By the original deadline - July 31, 2010 we had 22 registered participants, all from Bulgaria and only one from Kazakhstan. Some of the participants had signed up many times but this does not change the number of request to participate. Provided that in the new period for registration, don't register a sufficient number of participants from countries other then Bulgaria, competition will not take place. Expect more news after August 10, 2010.



July 6, 2010

Started preparations for the second edition of the short film competition "Slideman". This year first prize will be set "Slideman Professional" with market value of EUR 5,640 without VAT.

The goal of the competition is to support young and talented operators all around the world. Everybody is invited to participate regardless of age and nationality– students, professionals and independent filmmakers as individuals or teams. The registration deadline is July 31, 2010.


The short movie has to highlightened the topic. Actor’s play is not requirement for the movie. If there is used other language than English it is mandatory to be translated in English as subtitles. Every movie should start with the logo of the competition. The start logo animation will be avelable for download, after July 15, 2010. There are not too many requirements in order to allow maximum creativity for the cameraman, however there are two elements or subjects mentioned further down in the text, which has to be part of the plot. The duration of the movie is 5 minutes, 30 sec. less or more is allowed. The title of the movie should not be included in this 5 minutes. 

The creativity and talent of the cameramen will be highly encouraged. The winning movies will be chosen by on-line voting. All measurements will be taken in order to avoid unfair on-line voting.


Regardless of the fact that the competition goal is to support the talent and the skills of the cameraman, it should be taken into account that his work is inseparable part of the whole production and as such it could not be evaluated independently from the whole movie set. At the end is important to be presented the whole movie not just random images. The plot and the story of the movie is as important as the editing, sounds and other techniques as well as the whole experience of the production. Essentials are sense of light, colors, time and movements. Play and innovations with different plans is encouraged. Big consideration will be given also to the final emotional impact of the whole composition. It is not recommended the use of too many techniques at the same time. The main idea and the message of the movie should be clear. Please, don’t overuse the movement techniques. It is not recommended the use of the long steady images. This is not a competition for photo models. Please, be very careful when/if using special effects, computer animation, which will not show off directly the cameraman’s skills and talent. 

The conditions of last year's short film competition - "Slideman 2009" and the films participated in the contest you can see here.